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  Our love affair with the Bichon Frise began 26 years ago when "Beauregarde" came into our home and our hearts...
  He was with us for 13 years and grew with our children as a part of our family.
  After a few years without, the need to have a Bichon around became too strong to resist and we went in search of a new family

  Enter "Pricess Bella" who came to us from the respected Yendale Kennels, she immediately took charge of her new home
  endearing herself to all who live in and visit our home.

  Some time later our we were presented with a gift from our children, being a   handsome little boy from the Kelzarki. kennels "Spike"   was accepted by the pricess and with his boisterous nature he soon had cemented his place in the family.

  After a period of courtship these two lovers decided to begin a family and so began our journey as Bichon breeders A most enjoyable
  and fulfilling time for all of us  and the new friends gained through it.

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